Top 3 amazing goals that changed the course of club football history

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Football is the most popular sport for a reason. The adrenaline and emotions that accompany the football pitch are one of a kind. Football had numerous amazing goals and assists throughout its history. The aesthetic of a goal can be characterized differently. For certain individuals, the goal’s brilliance relies upon its difficulty and beauty. For others, the importance plays a major factor. The more important the goal, the more amazing it appears to be. In this article, we’re going to look at the top 3 amazing goals that changed the course of football history. For every football fan, there is a great opportunity to win some extra cash by visiting 22Bet.

Steven Gerrard’s goal against Ac Milan – Champions League final 2005

Steven Gerrard is regarded as one of the most brilliant players in football history. Gerrard enjoyed a brilliant football career, scored beautiful goals, provided assists, and won major tournaments and individual trophies. But the most important goal of his career was against AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League Final. After the first 45 minutes, Rossoneri enjoyed the 3-goal advantage. But in the second half, everything miraculously changed. Liverpool’s captain scored the first goal that led to a 3-3 draw. In the penalty shootouts, Liverpool got the last laugh as Liverpool’s goalkeeper successfully saved the last penalty of the game. Steven’s goal didn’t equalize the score, but it was an additional motivation for the team to get back on track. 

Sergio Ramos’s goal against Atletico Madrid – Champions League final 2014

club football history

When it comes to the Champions League, Real Madrid is the true champion. Los Blanco’s managed to win 14 Champions League titles throughout its history, which is certainly a mesmerizing achievement. After winning the Champions League in 2002, Real Madrid had a rough time. Only in 2014 did Los Blanco’s finally go to the finals with extra motivation to get the well-desired trophy. Atletico Madrid scored the opening goal and tried to play defensively. Their strategy was definitely successful till the 93rd minute of the game when Sergio Ramos blasted the equalizer header goal. In the additional 30 minutes, Real added 3 more goals and won the game with the decisive score of 4-1. 

Sergio Aguero’s goal against Queens Park Rangers – Premier league 2012

As of today, Manchester City is one of the strongest clubs in the world. But it wasn’t always the case. In 2012, with the help of the new manager Roberto Mancini, Team competed with a huge success in the Premier League. In the last game of the season, two teams were fighting for the number one spot – Manchester United and Manchester City. United won its game, while the City was losing 2-1 till the last minutes of the game. But then the miracle happened. Edin Dzeko scored the equalizer header goal, but this wasn’t enough, as United was still ahead. But then young Argentinian player, Sergio Aguero scored the most important goal for Manchester City in the 93rd minute, winning the second long-awaited Premier League title for his team. It was a huge cornerstone for Manchester City. After this triumph, Man City managed to win 5 more Premier League titles. 

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