What are free spins?

free spins

In most modern slots (both video slots and 3D slots) there are usually Free Spins. Even some classic slots contain them and it is not uncommon as it is a very popular component among players.

Basically these are symbols (usually triggered by a succession of scatters/wilds or other bonus symbols) that unlock the free spins mode. Sometimes they do this when you enter bonus mode, sometimes they simply add spins. In either case, the amount of free spins you have won is usually clearly displayed. What’s more, during free spin mode, you can increase your score with new free spins. Not only that, but on certain machines, entering free spin mode unlocks supreme winnings. Now do you understand why it was so important for you to know about them?

You know, read carefully the combination that unlocks them and sharpen your chance! Will luck be on your side?

How to get free spins?


Do you already know what free spins are? Let’s see how to get them and when they usually appear.

The most common way to get free spins is by combining several scatters or by entering the bonus mode. For example, on our portal, you have games like:

  • Funny Fruits:

Where they are unlocked with 3 or more wild symbol shapes, getting 10 free spins.

  • Zombies Party:

The scariest video slot from slot where you get free spins in the bonus mode. Specifically if you choose the Tony Walker mini game or the Boney Money mini game.

  • -Viking Gods:

One of the most sophisticated video slots from slot in which, among other features, you have free spins. There are two types of free spins: Thor Free Spin or Loki Free Spins. Which brother do you choose?

Start playing Bar Slots

free spins

In this post we’ll explain the basics of how bar slots work. If you’ve never played before, don’t worry, we’ll explain the main features in detail.

To put together this guide we’ve taken one of our most popular bar games as an example, but it applies to any other bar machine.

Let’s take a look:

  • Bar slot game interface 


  • bar slot machine scoreboard

Game logo: Represents the image of the game

  • Balance (bank): Indicates the amount of virtual coins you hold
  • Prize: Marks the prize won

Bonus (stars in this game): Marks the amount of bonuses won. Depending on the theme of the game, it can be called differently. For example in show tv they are called applause.

Lower screen:

  • Reels: These are the elements that spin on each spin. In bar slots, unlike casino slots, the number of reels on the bottom screen is three.
  • Payline: Marks the direction in which the figures must coincide. In bar machines, unlike casino machines, it is a single central line.
  • Paytable: Usually appears to the right of the reels, based on the selected bet.
  • Bet: Indicates the bet (in coins) selected.
  • Advances: Sometimes a non-winning spin can award advances. Here you will be shown the number of advances. Use them to try for a winning combination.
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